1. Follow the laws and regulations: comply with international and government-related labor, environmental protection, safety and health regulations.
  2. Ensuring freedom of employment: Make sure that all work is voluntary and employs employees without oppression or mandatory conditions.
  3. Child labor: no child labor.
  4. Discrimination: equal opportunities in recruitment, hiring, and development, and will not vary according to gender, race, creed, age, marriage, etc.
  5. Forced labor: Do not treat employees with corporal punishment, abuse, or coercion.
  6. Health, Safety and Environment: The company will provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  7. Salary and benefits: Strictly abide by the relevant government salary laws and pay wages to employees on time and on time.
  8. Working hours: The company complies with the relevant laws and industry standards in working hours.
  9. Ethics: The management of the company's business practices and employee ethics, taking the highest standards of integrity and ethics. Prohibit any form of bribery, corruption, deception, etc.